• Statement

    I’ve always loved the immediacy of drawing. It’s a playful trait I find important in art making. The drawn line is the embodiment of this spontaneous medium and it allows my work to be responsive and rooted between observation and introspection. My work heavily rely on process and repetitious actions; stacking, tying and pulling, or bunching and stretching. The idea of manual labor is redundant to most but it's an important aspect to my work because the familiarity of those motions connect the viewer with the process of hand-making.
    The imagery in my work is inspired by the patterns in tapestries, bags, woven baskets, plate settings, tablecloths, even the carpetas (doilies) under the flower vases that remind me of my home in Colombia. These images are intricately woven into my persona with admiration and appreciation for artisans and other people who work with their hands to survive.

  • Bio

    Diana Gabriel is an artist and curator with a soft spot for artisans and an inclination toward all linear things, patterns, and simultaneity.
    She emigrated from Bogota, Colombia, earned her BFA from Northern Illinois University in 2004, and her MFA from Illinois State University in 2007.
    Diana currently teaches at Harper College in Palatine and College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois. Gabriel is the co-founder of TheCGProject, a creative platform for artists and audiences with a shared vision of increasing appreciation and accessibility of Art in our culture.